Learn About Checking for Mold in Your House

Prior to getting into how you can know when you have a problem with mold in your house, let’s look at the fundamentals. Mold is caused by microbe growth on or perhaps in materials inside a structure which has humidity/moisture levels and/or over average temps which are favorable to mold spore growth. Mold isn’t always a bad thing generally speaking, since it is an important part of the atmosphere that plays a vital role in organic break down of natural materials that then, consequently, produces the conditions essential for new organic life forms to develop. However, within man made structures, mold is actually a bad factor and really should be prevented and dealt with immediately if discovered. Mold can start growing inside a structure which has water damage and mold if drying out isn’t begun within 24-48 hrs. Mold starts as small spores which are invisible to the human eye alone and therefore are in the air and can be found just about everywhere, inside and out of doors. However, it’s when these small spores find something wet, that they start to reproduce.

So, now that we understand the fundamentals, how can we determine if there does indeed exist a mold condition in your house? Normally the most apparent danger signal is the appearance of mold. Many occasions, mold has the capacity to be seen by the human eye in visible areas that are simple to spot: bathroom walls, showers, behind toilets, under sinks, around hot water heaters, etc. But when you think you might have mold but can’t see it, you might want to employ a home inspector or mold testing company to your home to check on harder to locate areas, like crawl spaces, attics, and cellars..

Exactly what does Fungus (the most typical type present in houses) look like? Black Mold, or Stachybotrys Atra, is really a toxic species that seems slimy in most cases, includes a black or dark-green coloration. This kind of mold is especially harmful and dangerous to both humans and pets that touch the mycotoxins created because of it.

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Common Reasons To Opt For Building And Pest Inspection Services

When it comes to the real estate industry, there are numerous services individuals need to opt for in order to cater to their needs. For instance, when searching for a house or when selling a house, you need to hire real estate agents. These professionals can help you sell or buy a house. With these services, you can accomplish your tasks easily and efficiently. Apart from real estate agents, it is also best to hire experts in building and pest inspections.

Why opt for building and pest inspection services?

Buying or renting a house

One of the most common reasons why you need to hire a building and pest inspector is when buying or renting a house. With the help of these experts, buyers or tenants can thoroughly inspect the house with regard to its condition and other hidden issues that can affect your purchase. In addition, inspections can also help home buyers or renters to negotiate the price you want. Not to mention, inspections can also help you determine expenses in repairing these issues.

Selling a house

Another reason to opt for such service is when selling a house. As a seller, you wish to get the most out of your investment. Therefore, you make sure that all aspects and parts of the house are in good condition. With the help of inspectors, you can easily deal with this issue. Additionally, presenting an inspection report can also help ensure that your house is safe and secured.

Renovating a house

Individuals also need inspection services when renovating a house. Renovation projects are costly. It gets even more expensive if you replace almost everything in the house. With the use of building and pest inspection services, you can identify what parts must be replaced. Or, determine what areas must be renovated completely.

Planning to increase the safety of a house

Finally, building and pest inspection services can also help individuals increase the safety of their house. When owning or renting a house, safety is important. Luckily, building and pest inspectors can help you increase the safety of houses. With their accurate report, you can determine areas of the house that needs to be improved or fixed. Experts can also provide you with certain advice on how to deal with these issues.

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Radon Testing Your Home: DoYou Really Need It?

Wow! What a question… doesn’t everyone have a radon test done in their home? Isn’t everyone afraid of radon? Shouldn’t they be?

Well folks… I’m one to suggest that you don’t get a radon test done to your home BECAUSE… and that is meant to be a VERY BIG BECAUSE! You should first be asking yourself a few questions, like…

What exactly is Radon?

How is radon bad for me and my family?

Can radon kill me or members of my family?

Am I just being too cautious?

Am I being sold a bill of goods?

What does it cost to do a radon test?

What do I really know about radon other than the rumors?

Well I’m glad you asked those simple little questions. Let me be as succinct as I can… Too much radon at one time can kill you or make you deathly ill. If you were a coal miner… you might have a need to be much more concerned since your living is underground for long stretches of the day or night. If you are living in a house that has been around for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years… you probably don’t have much to worry about… that is… unless you checked the families that lived in your house before you and they all got deathly ill from mysterious gases… yes, then you might have cause to consider getting a radon test done in your crawlspace/basement… but that still wouldn’t confirm anything.

After doing some research on radon, I found that there may have been some misinterpretations over the years. One of the many sources was an article, Radon: Truth vs. Myth by forensic-applications.com which offers an article that begins with this quote…

“A large portion of the general population is under the misconception that the frequently published risks associated with radon are well accepted scientific facts. In reality, the vast majority of well designed studies do not support policies or positions that exposures to indoor radon pose a significant threat to health, and indeed, the majority of those studies indicate that, at concentrations typically seen in homes, as the level of radon increases, the risk of lung cancer goes down, not up. The following section is a brief discussion of how radon occurs and the science-based risks associated with radon exposure.”

The article, which is rather long but very fascinating, leads one to understand that unless they are a person that mines underground for a living, then they pretty much have nothing to worry about. I urge you to take the time and be informed regarding the withdrawing of your money for something you really may not need. Truly, I read many other articles posted across the Internet regarding radon and most… 99% of them offered absolutely no scientific backed facts (or sources) other than a study going on at this or that institute and none of which offered any verifiable numbers regarding deaths or illnesses… these low information articles were quite contrary to the scientific information packed articles at Forensic-Applications.

In the articles from Forensic, there are explanations regarding how the EPA and National Research Center (NRC) have manipulated the numbers to serve their purpose… the billion dollar radon gas problem that makes Americans shell out more hard-earned money and create a state of panic that is truly unnecessary.

In the article there are references with links to many other scientific journals and organizations that refute the radon hype… so it’s not just one source calling the kettle black.

Are you about to shell out your hard-earned money for a radon test?

I suggest that you don’t do it until you have read the above offered link and have scrutinized the subject. Think about it for a minute… you’re likely not working in a mine, correct? You don’t live underground like a mole, correct? You’ve been walking this earth for a considerable amount of time and haven’t been killed by radon, correct? Radon doesn’t just hide under houses and corporate buildings… if it is coming from the ground then it would be coming at you with every step you’ve taken outside for your whole life.

Is there radon in the world? Emphatically – Yes! Is it going to kill you or make you ill? Not unless it’s hooked up to a tank and a gas mask and you’re breathing it directly into your lungs for days, weeks, months, years on end.

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